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Semaphore Studio307

Open Hours for Winter 2018:
Mon: 12-5
Tue: 12-5
Wed: 12-5
*Check our Calendar for updates on our Open Hours, programming, and reservations.

Studio307 Equipment List

Makerbot Digitizer 3D Scanner1
Makerbot Replicator (5th Gen) 3D Printer1
Makerbot Replicator Mini 3D Printer1
Print and scan server (desktop computer)1
Small lighting kit (for filming/photography)1
Rolling whiteboards (48x36)2
Easel and paper1
Post-it notesbazillion
Singer Industrial Sewing Machine1
Singer Serger1
Iron + Ironing Board1
Rotary cutters3
Cutting mat1
Rotary ruler1
Basic sewing notions (thread, needles, pins, scrap fabric, iron-on fasteners, etc.)good amount
Arduino Uno Rev 39
Arduino Components kit (USB Cable x1, ½ Size Breadboard x1, 9V Battery Snap, 6” Jumper Wire (M-M) x40, HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor x1, Tilt Sensor x2, LM35DZ Temperature Sensor x1, IR Flame Sensor x1, CDR Light Sensor x2, Mini Servo Motor x1, DC Motor x1, 16x2 Character LCD Display x1, 7 Segment White LED x1, 5mm LEDs x 15, 5mm RGB LEDs x 5, 50Kohm Potentiometer x1, 6mm Tactile Switch x4, TIP120 NPN Transistor x1, DC Buzzer x1, 1N4007 Diode x2, 390pF Capacitor x2, 1nF Capacitor x2, 220ohm Resistor x20, 680ohm Resistor x10, 1Kohm Resistor x10, 10Kohm Resistor x10, 470Kohm Resistor x10)6Y (1/6)
Particle photons (for IoT)10
Raspberry Pi 2 Computer Kits (Raspberry Pi 2 computer, Slimport USB hub, USB cable, HDMI cable, Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor)10
MakeyMakey Kit (MakeyMakey board, alligator clips, USB cable, instructions)1
Lilypad (Wearables) kits (rechargeable lithium ion battery, Lilypad Arduino USB, Sewable LEDs x 15, conductive thread x 10ft)10
2" speaker3
Resistor kit1
Jumper wires kit(variety, M-F, M-M) 1
Heatshrink tube, variety kit1
Digital multimeter1
Hakko FX88D soldering station2
Helping hand2
Lead free solder100g (spool)
Dremel + kit (Model #4000-2/30)1
Wire strippers2
Long-nose pliers2
Precision (jeweler's) screwdrivers1
Screwdriver (multi)1
Crescent wrench1
Adhesives (duct tape, aluminum tape, electrical tape)some rolls
Glue guns (+ sticks)2

The about us stuff that's on every page....

Studio307 is a student-run studio workspace within the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. It's located in Rm 307 of the Claude T. Bissell Building (140 St. George Street) and supported by Semaphore, TechFund, the Inforum and student volunteers and staff.